Therapeutic LASER

The therapeutic or ‘cold’ LASER uses light energy to stimulate the natural healing properties of tissues. The LASER’s light energy decreases tissue inflammation, decreases pain, improves wound healing, and increases circulation. LASER can even be used after surgical procedures to help decrease scar formation along the incision site as well as along the muscles or joints to alleviate pain commonly seen with musculoskeletal injuries. We have carefully selected the Cutting Edge Mphi MLS Laser for our patients because it is the most advanced therapy laser on the market today, it comes with many years of validated research, and is FDA approved. The technology delivers patented continuous and pulsated emissions for broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment with a safety margin that is second to none. We are pleased to report that many arthritic pets reduce if not discontinue use of oral pain medications with the proper treatment schedule of this non-invasive therapy.


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