Hydrotherapy, also known as the underwater treadmill, is perhaps one of the most beneficial therapies used in rehabilitative medicine. The warm water increases circulation and decreases pain while the buoyancy helps take some of the weight off of ailing bones or joints so your pet can exercise and build strength. The height of the water is adjusted based on how much support a patient needs. Patients that are recovering from paralysis may have the water up to shoulder level for maximum buoyancy while a training athlete may have the water up to the elbows and be asked to walk through the resistance of the water, creating excellent cardiovascular and strengthening exercise.


Would my pet actually walk in water, you ask? It is incredible how quickly pets get used to the treadmill – most are acclimated after only 1 or 2 sessions. We use owner encouragement, treats, and toys to keep pets motivated and walking. Our patients also always have the support of a life jacket or harness and a staff member either next to or in the treadmill with them. The process can be fun for all!

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