Athletic and Working Dogs

Unique Therapy for Unique Pets


We love working with athletes and have experience with the fitness and conditioning needed to perform in competition & practice safely as well as successfully.

We will start with an evaluation of your pet and then design an exercise program based on your pet’s level of fitness. This program will include strength and endurance training exercises based on the needs of the athlete and the sport(s) he/she performs. In the event of injury, our veterinary rehabilitation therapist can help your athlete recover as quickly and fully as possible

Working dogs

  • Protection work
  • Drug detection
  • Seeing eye dogs
  • Therapy dogs
  •  Hunting dogs
  • Medical alert dogs

All of these dogs perform a critical function to our families and our society and we want to help keep them in tip-top shape. We understand the needs of a working dog and our state of the art facility can help your dog maintain an optimal level of fitness. If your canine partner has suffered a strained muscle we can pinpoint the problem and perform manual therapies, therapeutic LASER, therapeutic ultrasound, or massage that can help reduce tissue inflammation and get him/her back to work as quickly as possible. Even the healthiest dogs can benefit from exercises that help with strength and balance. It is important to tailor the exercise plan to the particular function of the animal and family. Once a plan is established, you may want to use our facilities or let us design a home program.

Office Hours

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*Lunch is from 1-2pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 2-3pm on Thursday


To make the best use of your initial consultation time, please complete the applicable form at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you prefer to wait until you arrive at Vet REC, please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time.