Benefits of Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation therapies became a mainstream medical recommendation for strength and recovery over 40 years ago and the benefits have finally been observed and applied to veterinary patients. We are proud to be the first facility dedicated to veterinary rehabilitation in our region and look forward to serving your furry family members.

  • Decrease pain
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Improve mobility and restore joint motion
  • Prevent muscle wasting / atrophy
  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Improve agility
  • Speed recovery from surgery
  • Increase flexibility

We first met Emma, a happy and energetic pug, in late April 2013.  Emma had been attacked by another dog and after a few medical complications from her injuries she still had several large deep wounds. We recommended LASER therapy and after just seven treatments in 3 weeks her wounds had healed.  Her owner reports that Emma is back to her normal self and her fur is starting to grow back.

Among one of our first patients, Wolfman is an adorable pug with a super supportive family.  Wolfman had back surgery in March of 2013 for a herniated disk.  After surgery, he was unable to use his rear legs.  When he came to us, Wolfman could not support any weight on his hind limbs and his muscles were significantly atrophied.  His current therapies include sessions in the underwater treadmill, therapeutic exercises, and manual therapies.  After 5 weeks he is consistently taking steps with his left hind limb while in the underwater treadmill.  As of July 2013 he can stand on his own without assistance for about a minute and continues to get stronger every day.

Kassius is a 7 year old Boxer who loves to play. Over the past three years, Kassius has torn both of his cruciate ligaments and needed corrective surgery. His first surgery was in 2010 to repair the injury to his right cruciate ligament.  He did well but had a long recovery. So when he needed surgery on his left cruciate this past spring, his mom wanted him to start rehabilitation therapy as soon as possible. We saw him two weeks after surgery and started him on a treatment course that included LASER therapy and underwater treadmill sessions.  Kassius is a very strong, muscular dog so we were able to start his underwater treadmill sessions on his second visit.  He did great, and his 8 week post-op recheck with his surgeon went well.  We have continued to see Kassius as his enters the maintenance phase of his recovery.

Winston is a 12 yr old pug that first came to us on June 15, 2013. Winston had back surgery about 4 years ago.  Unfortunately, he never fully regained mobility in his hind limbs following surgery.  He was able to get around with the help of his family and his strong front legs.  His family started to notice a new decline in his mobility and decided to pursue rehabilitation therapy with us.  Winston has done quite well.  He is undergoing underwater treadmill sessions twice a week as well as manual therapies including massage.  Over the past month, his legs have gotten stronger and he has started to take his first steps.  He recently received his first set of wheels and is a star in his neighborhood. But with his mom and little brother, a pug named Thatcher, cheering him on we hope to see him out of his wheels and walking soon.