Would my pet benefit from rehabilitation services?

We find that pets young and old can benefit from rehabilitation therapy. We help pets suffering from orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis, neurological injuries, athletic injuries and soft tissue injuries. Our goal is to help alleviate any pain and get your pet back to normal function as quickly as possible for acute injuries. With chronic disease such as arthritis, we re-establish comfort and strength that allows your pet to stay active and happy longer than might have been previously possible. In addition we offer services that can help you with your pet’s general health and wellness including weight loss and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Why a Rec Center?

Fitness is important for everyone! It takes a dedicated space and design to offer the range of treatments that various cases may need and we have designed this space (indoor and outdoor) specifically for our rehabilitation patients. Just like you and I can benefit from daily cardiovascular fitness, so can your pet. Our goal is to help your pet achieve his/her best fitness level which will help improve his/her overall quality and length of life. We have some familiar equipment such as a land treadmill as well as an underwater treadmill to support pets that need buoyancy to support their ailing bones or joints in other to walk. Our facility has a walking track as well as outdoor space for additional exercises and plenty of exercise equipment.

How do you decide what therapies my pet would benefit from?

Our veterinary rehab therapist will perform a thorough examination at your first visit and make recommendations based on her findings as well as your pet’s age and level of current fitness. Your pet will pet re-evaluated periodically to see if any adjustments in the therapeutic plan are needed.

How many treatments will my pet need? And how often?

This varies greatly depending on your pet’s specific needs and can range from daily in-patient treatments to monthly maintenance programs. We will review this information in detail after the initial consultation and examination. We will work with you to design a plan that works for your family and your pet.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please call our office to schedule an appointment. We do offer evening and weekend hours to help accommodate your busy schedule.

After you schedule your appointment please provide us with a copy of your pet’s medical records as well as any radiographs or laboratory work that you may have. While not required, it is helpful to have this information for review at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Can I be present for my pet’s treatments?

Absolutely. We encourage you to be actively involved in your pet’s therapy. Your cheering and treats are key motivators for your dog to work hard and obtain the most benefit out of therapy. Most pets will also benefit from a home exercise plan that we will design and demonstrate. There are some dogs that are a bit shy in the gym when mom and dad are around so we may ask you to wait in the lobby depending on what your pets’ specific needs are.

Can I drop my pet off for the day?

Yes! Some pets do better when their prescribed therapies are stretched out over the course of the day, so whether it is for schedule needs or therapy needs, we’ll be happy to look after your loved one for the day. In-patient treatments are available for those that need more intensive or more frequent treatment (see in-patient tab).

This all sounds expensive?

It doesn’t have to be. We will tailor the treatment plan not only to your pet’s needs, but also to your budget. It is important to schedule the initial consultation and obtain a complete assessment by our veterinarian therapist before we can discuss treatment options and costs. We are happy to discuss cases over the phone, but can’t prescribe treatments without an initial consultation. **Please note that this evaluation is very different than the basic physical examination that your veterinarian provides and we schedule 1 hr for the examination and client consultation.**

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